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How Are You Feeing?

No, how are you really feeling?

More often than not we say good thanks,  before reflecting back to the person asking the question.  

I want you to sit and seriously ask the question……. How often do you really tell anyone how you are feeling, honestly?

Perhaps you may like to take time today to ask you self,” How am I feeling right now?”  Can you even answer this question honestly when you ask yourself?  Or, are you programmed to just push any uncomfortable thoughts and feelings to the side get on with the daily grind, no matter what?

Taking time to check in with how you are feeling, physically, emotionally and spiritually is the first step to taking care of yourself.  You might like to schedule time to do this once per week, to really stay on top of your well-being.  

Often my clients book in for a massage or a student may come to class as way of dealing with stress, anxiety, depression which is defiantly a good idea.  However, often they wait until crisis point, before seeking support.   

I can tell you from personal experience as well as from a professional perspective,  ongoing maintaince of all aspects of our wellbeing can prevent crisis point being reached.  Enabling us to feel well most, if not all of the time.  

I am always happy to chat with people who would like ideas about self care.  My personal routine consists of the following:

  • Rest, sleep is so important,  I go to be early and wake up early,  sometimes when my mood is low the waking up early part might mean a bit of a sleep in.  I try to be up and starting my day between 6 and 7am each day, I go to bed between 8:30 and 9:30 pm most nights.
  • Meditation, I cannot tell you how much this has changed my life.  I am naturally like a cat on a hot tin roof. I normally have a million projects going at once.  Meditation has slowed me down. It creates a space in my life between action and reaction and allows me the grace of time to think things through before I do them.  I am impulsive and a huge multitasker so this is a real gift.  Meditation is not something that came naturally to me,  it was a struggle to even sit still with my eyes close for more than a minute when I first started.  If I can do it you can do it too.
  • Healthy vegetarian, natural eating, this helps me keep my moods in check.  Allows me to maintain a healthy weight and I feel good knowing where my food has come from.  
  • No alcohol, it’s a tricky one to give up in our society, however since giving up drinking, I feel more confident and happy.  I do other things to relax in the evenings. after work.  Having a glass of wine might feel relaxing, however what it is really doing is numbing the senses so the true relaxation is not actually reached and stress remains within your system.  I often take a stroll around my garden, or sit quietly to relax while my dinner is cooking. I take time to mindfully let go of my day before eating a meal at night with my family.  This is so much better for me.
  • Exercise, this is a big one and often so easy to let slip away.  When I include at leat 30 mins of exercise in my daily routine, I walk around with rose colours glasses on.  Everything seems better, I feel less tired, I fell more able to cope, my decision making is better, I don’t get angry as I have used up much of that Yang energy.  I eat well as I want to fuel my body, sleep comes easier. My skin is clear and I feel strong.  When my mood is low, it is a huge effort to go for a walk, run or hit the gym.  With persistence, I always feel better if I just make myself do it.  

My main goal is to live a long, happy life in a natural holistic way. A secondary goal I have is to share the ways I do this with anyone who will listen. I am a person who in the past, has been very, very unwell.  Health, physical, mental and spiritual is an asset,  one that we must look after with tender love and care. A gift bestowed upon each of us, the day we were born.  My father used to say that every second that goes by, is a part of life that you never get back.  Live well. Say happy.

So, how are you really feeling?

February 5th 2020