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June Happenings!

I am thrilled to have the Awen room oped back up for treatments after the COVID shut down!   It was incredible to watch the treatment requests come through when I reopened online bookings!  It was AMAZING to see all of June fully booked within 45 mins!  Thank you so much to my beautiful clients for your ongoing support, big love back to you! 💙

I have just opened online bookings for July and August,   They are already filling, I want you to keep in mind that July is traditionally the busiest month of the year for Awen, so you may like to book now to avoid missing out on your treatment time.

New Rewards System!

Awen points are now earned every time you have a treatment!  (from June 1 2020)  On average, 5x 1-hour treatments will earn a $25 credit to your account!  This is accrued automatically and there is no need for you to do anything at all!.   Some clients are already halfway to earning their first reward.   You can choose to redeem your points for any treatment or class.  

Online Classes have been a hit!

Tonight I am holding the last of my online classes which were held over the COVID shutdown.   These have proven to be a great addition to classes already on offer at Awen.   I am looking into offering these on a regular basis moving forward.   Look out for an announcement within the next 2 weeks.

COVID-19 Safety and you.

We are living in a different but still wonderful world at the moment.   Not much has changed here in the Awen room.  When you visit you will still feel

welcome, every care will be taken to ensure you have an indulgent, sensory experience.  

The only changes you may experience:

  • A rearrangement of some furniture.
  • A hand washing station outside for you to wash and sanitise before entry.
  • Removal of shoes before entry (already part of our custom here)
  • A brief health questionnaire, every time you visit (we already have a health-based chat so just a small addition.

Behind the scenes much more goes on, to keep you safe. If you would like to learn more about what I do between clients to keep the treatment space sanitary please don’t hesitate to ask.

Perfect Potion Skin Care

I will be placing a skincare order with the lovely people from Perfect Potion at the end of next week.  These products are beautiful aromatherapy based skincare products which are also cruelty-free and organic.  Let me know if there is anything you need.   If you would like to have a free 15 min skincare consult, via zoom let me know and we can set up an appointment before you place your order.

I hope you are well and happy, I look forward to seeing you soon!

Angela x

June 10th 2020