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Angela’s review of Perfect Potion’s Cinnamon Facial Scrub

As many of you know, I have recently received a lovely big order of Perfect Potion Skincare here at Awen. I am loving getting to know each product and over the next few weeks I will be sharing my experiences of each of them with you.

The Cinnamon Facial Srub is an exfoliation product recommended for oily / combination skin. It comes in a sweet little 50g amber jar. At first I was a little concerned that the jar was so small, I also was worried about wastage as you need to scoop out the product rather then squeeze it out of a tube. All of my concerns were washed away after using it.

This scrub has a pleasant earthy aroma, which I immediately found very grounding. The texture is light and it’s not quite a liquid, not quite a paste. I found that this means that you really dont need a lot of product at all to exfoliate your whole face as it spreads easily.

Used on a damp clean face the cinnamon and polished walnut shells gently buff your skin, when massaged gently in a circular motion.

The scrub really felt as though it was doing the job, the tiny granules of cinnamon and polished walnut are not sharp, and are small enough to feel as though they are really able to roll across each pore efficiently. I used an amount about the size of a pea, which was enough to exfoliate my whole face and neck.

I removed the srub using a warm face cloth, it came off easily, using firm but gently strokes, I then continued with my skincare regimen. You could also rinse it off in the shower.

My skin was left feeling warm as the circulation really was stimulated nicely. It’s good to have that fresh new blood doing it’s good work just beneath the surface.

My skin was also left feeling smooth and soft and my serum, moisturiser and sunscreen really seemed to sit against my skin beautifully after all of those dead skincells were gently sloughed away.

I really loved using this product, it is good to have something natural, yet effective to work with. I’ll certainly be using it on a weekly basis through the summer months when my skin does tend to become more oily.

If you are considering buying it, I suggest using something other then your fingers to get it out of the jar, as you don’t want to be adding any unwanted bacteria to your beautiful product, perhaps a small spoon or spatula.

It is available online for $34.95

Until next time,

Angela 💚🌷

May 22nd 2019