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Massage Therapy

Personalised, Indulgent, Grounding, Restorative.

A curated collection of massage therapies from all around the world, tailored to suit your individual needs.

Massage & Body: Services

Seasonal Offering

Winter Spa Ritual

Winter Magic Reset

A luxurious 2-hour journey designed to rejuvenate your body and soothe your soul. This treatment combines the essence of winter with deep relaxation to leave you feeling warm and renewed.

Your treatment will include, 

❄️ Seasonal Sugar Scrub:

Infused with the comforting scents of winter. This gentle exfoliation removes dull, dead skin cells, revealing a radiant and smooth complexion beneath.

❄️One-Hour Massage with Hot Stones:

The soothing heat penetrates deep into your muscles, easing tension and promoting profound relaxation.

❄️ Mini Facial:

To cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise, giving your skin a fresh and glowing appearance.

❄️Space Clearing: using smoke, and sound to reset the energy around you

❄️Warm Winter Beverage: Conclude your Winter Magic Reset with a cup of warm, spicy wassail. This traditional winter beverage, infused with aromatic spices,  provides comforting warmth and seasonal cheer as you reflect on your rejuvenating journey.  A favourite with Awen regulars. 

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$115 (60min)   $155 (90min)


$170 (1hr, 30mins)

Balancing, rhythmical treatment.

This is the most popular massage treatment at Awen.  Using massage techniques from around the world Angela will tune into needs, focusing on helping you find your centre, creating space for you to feel at peace, rested and grounded.  

A wonderful balance of muscular attention, relaxing the mind and sinking into stillness.    Clients say they feel as though they are able to "switch off and restore" during this treatment. 


Add on a Space clearing and/or Hot Stones for a truly 'Awen' experience.

Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 2.05.29 pm.png.opt472x473o0,0s472x473.png

This is the ultimate Awen Massage Experience.  A ritual where your body, mind and spirit will be honored, your whole being treated as sacred.  
Your treatment will be different every time, you will be coached to set your intention for your treatment, guided though a connective meditation, before experiencing massage techniques from all around the world to nurture your body and clear unwanted energy. Next a space clearing to facilitate a space for truly surrendering to stillness and gentle reiki treatment to allow you to feel loved, fulfilled and nurtured prior to leaving. 
Techniques will vary from person to person, however the sacred experience will always remain. 
This is all about honouring you as a whole person. Surrendering is the key.
Client feed back :
I almost felt as though I was in a temple somewhere.  
Thank you! I have never felt my 'whole self' feel united in the one moment before.  This is exactly what you say, a ritual. I did really feel honoured.   
I loved the crystals and stones on my belly,  so grounding.

Grounding Hot Stone Massage

$165 (90 mins)

Lay back and surrender as heated stones are used to massage your whole body. 
The basalt stones used at Awen are unique in that they have been hand collected over time. Each stone has been chosen for its special qualities and shape. Basalt is a volcanic rock, able to hold heat for long periods of time, each piece is beautifully smooth to touch, from being tumbled in the ocean waves throughout time.

You will find yourself drifting away during this treatment, a truly relaxing experience. Angela’s training in Remedial, Hawaiian, Balinese , Swedish massage and Reiki, make this treatment unique to Awen.

Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 2.13.52 pm.png.opt475x473o0,0s475x473.png

Chakra Balancing Ritual

$183 (90 mins)

Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 2.36.53 pm.png.opt472x468o0,0s472x468.png

Swedish Massage

$115 (60 mins)

Swedish massage is an old time classic, rhythmical, relaxing, simple.  Great for relaxation, gently stimulating the lympatic system. Light to medium pressure. 


$115 (60 min)

Working with you, firm and healing, soothing away tension.  Designed especially to suit your requirements. Using remedial and relaxation techniques to help you repair.
All treatments at Awen use a mix of techniques and are holistic in nature.   Clients receive great benefit from a mix of remedial and relaxation techniques, with niggling pain feeling relieved, and tension released.

Nurturing, grounding, uplifting, indulgent yet simple,  this treatment has it all.
Beautiful Aromatherapy blends applied to each chakra point on your body, promoting a feeling of balance and calm.
The Equilibrium massage will ground you before the energy of Chakra aligned.
Crystals and Singing bowls are used to uplift your spirit mind and body.

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Interested in learning more about the services we offer? Get in touch today.

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