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Easter Reflections🐰🌸

Hey there beautiful people!

I woke early this morning feeling exicted, I have fond memories of Easter mornings as a child. It was a simple day, we didnt do a family lunch or anything like that. But we did wake up to a sprinkling of Easter eggs and some new pajamas, and normally some sort of stuffed toy. Garfield the cat was my favourite so for me, it was normally a Garfield to add to my collection which proudly was displayed on the top shelf in my bedroom. We would keep our chocolates in our bedroom and I would try so hard not to eat them all at once. I could normally hold on to them for 3 days at the most, before sneaking into my sister's collection to steal a little nibble over the next few months. She still holds on to her chocolates for almost a year! I still gobble mine up! In fact, as the resident easter bunny I have been known to acquire the easter treats early, so be organised, and then eat them normally twice before easter even arrives! Chocolate is my weakness.

Today I woke with the same excitement. Isn't it incredible how these yearly events can become so deeply ingrained in our psyche?

Although, this morning as I lay in my bed watching the scribbly gums sway in the gusty winds as the sun rose, I thought of my adult children, their partners and my dear friend who are all joining us for lunch today. We are rarely all together, but my heart sings in those moments when we are.

I feel grateful today for my family, and days like this. Every time we come together, these days it feels both nostalgic and new for me. Such is the transition from full-time parenting to fledglings and eventually empty nesters. The dynamic is different to what it once was, to start, then as we settle in together, the familiar banter rises to the surface and I feel whole.

I love easter as a time for new beginnings, and celebrating here in the southern hemisphere as we move deeper into colder months this feels like a perfect time for me to work with my shadows. As the Autumn leaves start to fall, I ask my self what is it that I also need to release?

What can I let go of so that I can live a fuller, more beautiful vibrant life?

Today I would like to inspire this reflection at my lunch table and I also extend it to you. Is there a habbit, a ritual, a lack of consious living or something else you would like to release? Does today feel like a good day to get started?

And If you do decide to let go of somthing what can you replace this with? I always practice replacing when releasing, for me, this helps me stay focused, and keep my goal in sight.

You might be wondering what I have chosen to let go of? Well, after having long covid and developing chronic fatigue, I had so little energy for a year. It was super hard to plug though each day and because of my need to rest more often, I had to let go of many of my loved habits. like walking daily, cooking all meals from scratch, I simply did not have the energy, it became easier for me to say yes to quick fixes and unhealthy choices around food, rest, caffine etc. Over the past 4 weeks, I have finally begun to feel more energetic, but the habits I have developed for grabbing a meal somewhere other than home or resting on the lounge for extended periods are no longer serving my best interests. So this is what I am letting go of, and the replacing energy is all about mindful movement, conscious eating (maybe not with my easter chocolate), and recreating a healthy lifestyle that will carry me through the colder months. Saying goodbye to, refined sugar, the occasional wine, dining out more often than I should, and a love affair with Netflix.

I'd love to hear your own reflections, if you would like to share.

What would you like to release? And what can you bring in to replace it?

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing today, I wish you a Happy Easter Sunday. May you love and feel loved.

Blessed be

Angela x

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2 komentarze

Nieznany użytkownik
08 kwi 2023

That is an excellent commitment to self care Kylie! Amazing, Have a gorgeous day 💕


Nieznany użytkownik
08 kwi 2023

Such a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing Angela 💛. I am letting go of not being enough and self sabotage and replacing it with acceptance. Happy Easter. Enjoy the precious time with your family today 💛🙏🏻🐣

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