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Updated: May 15, 2022

Humans have been flowing with the moon for thousands of years, have you ever tried it?

When the full moon is high in the sky it is a great time to set intentions to release habits that no longer serve you, or anything holding you back, it could be a relationship, a job, a habit even your own mindset.

It is a time to take action, and with true and loving intent, begin to move forward.

To get the most out of your ritual.

  • FOCUS, Pick only one thing to let go of at a time.

  • JOURNAL, Write down whatever you want to release. This helps your subconscious get in on the act.

  • IMAGINE, how you will feel once you have let go, think of the benefits for you. You might like to write these down on a piece of paper and decorate it to use as inspiration on your altar. Picture these feelings every time things feel difficult throughout the next 2-3 weeks.

So how does it work?

  • Any way that you want to!  It is nice to have a sacred space, but you can do a full moon ritual anywhere.  It is the intention behind your ritual that matters most.   Simply find a space and surround yourself with any special items that you choose.  I normally use crystals, candles, my statue of Mother Earth, and something to represent each element.  I love to collect bits and pieces from nature when I am out on my daily walks.

  • Sit for a moment in stillness, meditate if you want to, and open yourself to the power of being in the present moment.  Paying mindful attention to the breath can be useful to ground yourself.

  • Use music if it helps you centre, Sometimes I do some simple yoga, other times I don't.

  • Journal or write on a piece of paper your intention to release, describe your habit that you are wanting to let go of if any or a life path you wish to leave.  Make a sacred vow (a promise not only to yourself but also to the universe) to practice letting go over the next Luna Cycle.

  • If you feel it is right, you can burn your piece of paper in a fire-safe pot or vessel. Watch it smoulder away and imagine your habit etc disappearing in the same way. 

  • Take a moment to thank the universe for this special time. Gratitude is something I would never leave out of any ritual always.  When you are done safely snuff out your candles.

You might like to revisit your special space, light your candle or at least meditate with the intention of release for the next two weeks. This keeps the energy of letting go alive and brings magic into your practice.

I have been performing moon rituals for much of my adult life.  I find that it keeps me on track mentally, helps me to live with gratitude, and reminds me that pure intent is a life force. I share in the hope that you find time to try this in some way and experience the same joy, and peace that I do when sitting with the universe.

Knowing the universe has my back, helps me form trust in life’s magic.

Blessed be



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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 15, 2022

I was up at 4am with thoughts swirling about a few things that have come to an end for me. I wrote in my journal and this afternoon I will do a ritual. Thanks for the reminder! And the inspiration. It’s a very auspicious time with the full moon and the eclipse. A double whammy!!

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