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The Power Of Intent.

Sometimes this can be because we are lacking motivation, not getting enough sleep, are overworked, time-poor, suffering a minor meltdown or picking up bad habits. Sometimes we simply fall off the bandwagon and wake up not feeling content with the way things are going.

In the world of social media, we can fall into the comparison trap, where we start wondering why our life doesn’t seem as full, happy, or as exciting as someone else's. All leading to discontent.

I’m a huge believer in taking care of your mind, body and soul every day of the week. History has taught me that when I don’t, I fall into a slump that can be hard to get out of. Setting clear intentions is my powerhouse when it comes to staying well, happy and feeling good about life.

Intention is focusing with pure thoughts on what it is that we need to get, feel, learn, and grow, not only for ourselves but for those around us as well.

Thinking about your intentions consciously, even during everyday tasks, can be just the right thing to get you back on track. Tricky at first, but ever so rewarding, I find that if I create rituals during everyday life my focus shifts.

Blessed Be



6 Ways to bring clear intention into your everyday life:-

1. Drink a big cup of warm water with a squeeze of lemon every morning and your newly hydrated body will love you for it.

It will help rejuvenate your skin and give your digestive system a boost, so you should feel less bloated for the rest of the day. We all love our caffeine and that's fine, however, try intentionally waiting until later in the day for it, and you might eventually find you don’t even want it, or you may just end up drinking less. Focusing on starting the day right, is one of the best ways to stay on track.

2. Treat yourself to some fresh air.

This doesn’t mean standing at the bus stop or sitting outside with your lunch. It means intentionally going outside, and taking some deep, slow breaths. Do it mindfully, take time to notice the air as it enters your body. Feel its warmth as it leaves. This ritual is about creating a moment of stillness. Forgetting work, etc and just breathing.

3. Meditate!

Everyone says we should! So many of us say we can’t! We are too busy, don’t have time, can’t focus. Meditation is not about focusing it’s about not focusing. Find, borrow, buy or make a cushion to sit on, for the one purpose of meditation, and then sit on it! Once a day, for 5 mins, alone, in a quiet room and just be still. If your brain is busy, just take notice, that's ok. In the beginning is more about setting the intention of being still, sitting well with yourself in your own space. Eventually, time will extend and thoughts will settle.

4. Get into the practice of leaving your shoes at the door.

I cannot stress enough how taking a moment to remove my shoes before entering my home changes my mindset. Most of my visitors would think that my shoeless home is all about germs, and dirty floors. That is not the case!

When I remove my shoes I am metaphorically also leaving my stress, worries, gossip, anxieties, at the door. Stepping over the threshold into a calm peaceful space that is home, fills me with relief and calm. Inviting my clients, friends and family into that space is a beautiful gift that I love sharing. Visitors always comment on the came vibe constantly in our home, this is the first step I take in creating it.

5. Practice kind thoughts

Practice makes perfect, right? For me, practising kind thoughts during everyday moments helps pull me through. The chore of cooking dinner can be just that, a chore. Or, if you intentionally think about what you are doing, it can be quite fulfilling.

Thinking about where my food comes from, remembering my grandmother's knowledge in the kitchen, being thankful for the family I am feeding and so on, changes my mindset during the food prep process. I physically do not enjoy cooking, cleaning or working, or paying bills, many of us don’t! However, when I take the time to intentionally focus on the reasons why I am doing what I am doing, I often feel grateful for the opportunity to do so and my mind feels more at ease and my family also benefits from this.

6. Commit to the time

The most important thing for me is to commit to the time to reset. Sometimes when I feel that I am drifting I need to get help from something else.

Often this can be through a gym or yoga session, a bushwalk, a long bath or a massage treatment. During any of these sessions, I take time prior, to focus on what it is that I want to get out of it. This process for me is super important and rarely fails me. Focusing my intention for my reset and even concentrating on it for the duration of whatever activity I have chosen creates a shift.

Whether it be a calm mind, a re-grounding, or just some absolute zen-out time with minimum effort, a session on the massage table often does the trick. . Don’t forget to let your therapist know what your clear intention is before each treatment. Holistic counselling and group classes also work wonders when it comes to planning yourself care, adapting to change or regular coaching to bring in a healthy routine and balanced living.

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