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Workshops and Retreats

Scheduled events created to encourage, magical thinking and mindful living.

Awen provides more then Massage Therapy and Counseling. Our poplular workshops cover topics like Moon Cycles, Astrology, Holisitic Living, Meditation, Journaling and more. 


Workshops and Retreats: Service

2 Day Weekend Astrology Retreat.

New Dates Coming Soon.


For thousands of years people have looked to the nights sky for personal and practical guidance. .   In this 2 day retreat you will be guided through a basic understanding of the zodiac, your own birth chart, and its infuluence on your personality.  


A far cry from newspaper horoscopes and fortune telling, students will learn the use of this ancient wisdom to better understand choices and how to see life through a differnt lense, reframing what you understand about your “star sign”, shining a positive light on how to use astrology, through different areas of your life, and drop the stereo types. 


I am keeping this group small for the purpose of sharing as much content with you as I can over 2 days.  There are only 6 spaces avaialble.


Each day we will meet in the Awen Room and work toghether to gather understanding of your individual birth chart. 


A delicious vegetarian lunch will be provided along with morning and afternoon tea.


You will also receive a print out of your own chart, and course work can be accessed via the online platform.  You will have life time access to this or you can print it out to keep. 


Participants need to bring a note book and pen, a water bottle with a lid, and it is a good idea to wear comfortable clothing as we will do some work on the floor and some sitting at a table. 



Also good to bring along is an open mind, a sharing heart and ofcourse your beautiful smile! 


I look forward to sharing this weekend with you! It has been a long time in the making!   


Payment plans are available for this weekend, so please get in touch to learn more!

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