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30-Day Grattitude Challenge


When we truly feel grateful, not just for the obvious but for the little things, for the small elements in our lives that fly under the radar and for the obscure that fly over, our lives change. It is very hard, if not impossible to not also experience joy and peace in unison with gratitude. This practice is for everyone, it is especially good for those who suffer from depression because it is uplifting, it is great for those who experience anxiety, because it is mindful and brings you into the present. It is useful for anyone who is stressed because it changes your focus and for those who feel their life is already great, it can make it feel even better! Combined with the cursive motion of journalling and meditative reflection, this healing practice is a personal favourite of mine. Over 30 days, you will receive prompts in this online program to challenge your thinking about gratitude and to consciously bring this wonderful practice into your everyday life.

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