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All About Awen’s First Beginners Astrology Retreat!

A few weeks ago the first Beginners Astrology course was held in the Awen Room. While I new this piece of work would be well received and beautiful, I also had grand hopes that the deeper understanding of the participants birth charts would have a profound effect on the way they perceive themselves and understanding of what they need to thrive. Let me tell you this. The weekend we had together was just beautiful, and the feedback was even better than I had expected.

Let me set the scene for you..

In the days that lead up to the course, I spend hours carefully preparing food for my guests. When I present a retreat weekend in the space, I give the whole experience. Food prep is all done by me. The kitchen is cleaned, the benches are cleared, a candle is lit, the space is energetically cleansed, the altar is set and the consciousness preparation of food begins. I love this part of retreat prep. I am not and have never been a professional cook, my kitchen inspiration mostly comes from my grandmother and days watching her prepare food in a hot old kitchen in the country, with the fuel stove, it was hard work, but she always presented a colourful plate, filled with seasonal produce. My other inspiration comes from a mentor of mine Cathy Armstrong, she is a life long creative cook, who I had the pleasure of working with for a period of time, Cathy and I swing in and out of each others lives, at oportune times. She currently runs her own gorgeous cafe in Armidale called Kinship Kitchen if you are ever there, go in and fill your belly you won’t regret it. Taking time to prepare my kitchen altar before I cook, creates the magic, I give thanks, and I tend to use my ingredients carefully, with attention to detail, and really feel a deeper connection to the food.

Some of my regular retreat attendees will tell you that it is all about the food! So it has become very important ritual in retreat prep for me.

The retreat was held over to glorious days, with all of the learning in the Awen Room and all of the eating in my home. We sat in circle, and together we explored each house, sign and planet of the astrological birth chart. We took turns to share how each sign played out for each of us, which area of our lives it appeared and most importantly, participants were guided to ”live into each sign with positivity and grace”.

What I really loved was watching new students to astrology, gain insight, and connect with their deeper selves, as well as more well versed participants, see their signs in a different more positive light. I do not buy into the stereotypical discussions around each sign, for me I see each as vibrant and alive, filled with positive possibility and endless growth potential. I see each sign as poetic inspiration that leads us to thrive in our lives by shining a light on where to use its energy best. I think this is what my astrology participants also felt during the course.

I loved that students who come in to the circle feeling “branded” with a sign they could not relate to gathered understanding and connection to the sign, which in turn gave them deeper connection to self.. for some of us this can be life changing… as we finally feel we have identity.

Astrology is so much more than reading your zodiac in the pages of a magazine, and your sun sign (star sign) is not all that you are. Your personally is made up of every sign in the zodiac, and every part of your life is influenced by this. You can think of it as your personal blue print, the foundations of how you approach your life.

It is safe to say that my goal for this course was to share what is a profound, guide, and a very useful tool that can be used to gather understanding about our selves, our actions, our reactions and relationship with others. All presented in a beautiful safe container filled with nourishing food, open hearted sharing and love. It was delivered and so well received.

I will be running this course again on the weekend of 6 and 7 April 2023 and enrolments are now open.

If you would like to join in you can do so by enroling online. Payment plans are available as I believe this work is so lovely I would love to share it with as many people as possible.

I leave you with a little quote which has nothing to do with astrology, but is a favorite of mine from Hans Christian Anderson. “Just living is not enough said the butterfly, one mush have sunshine freedom and a little flower“

Blessed be


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