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The Healing Journey Of A Great Big Walk

There is nothing better than getting outside for some exercise. As many of you know, I love my hikes. Every big walk I go on is a healing journey.

As I trudge along, my thoughts race initially and my worries and concerns surface. The sound of my steps, the rhythm of my breathing soon take over and for a while there is calm. A connection with my heart, my body and my surroundings. My walk becomes deeply mindful, watching mist swirl, noticing the magnificent textures of the bush, the sounds, oh my, so many sounds. Green, in every imaginable hue, the depth and clarity of the texture of the forest.

There is always a moment when I stop and smile. From here I am able to let go of all of the chatter and creativity starts to take over.

My head and my heart seem to flow freely with inspirational ideas at this part of my journey. I make plans, and dream and there is a happy skip in my step and in my heart.

Normally on a big hike, I am down in a valley, it is always a hard climb out. There is challenging physical work that happens next. Huffing and puffing, red in the face, it can feel mentally exhausting sometimes as I draw in the power of the little engine that could to get me home.

No matter how difficult I am always able to push on, if the walk has gone on for a few days and I have my heavy pack on I might ever let out a moan or drop a few tears. This is always a healing process for me.

Sweaty under my layers I arrive back at my car feeling triumphant, powerful, my deepest inner self has risen to the surface to get me home and she is the goddess who can support me through difficult times.

I need this, I need her. This inner me, is always there, it is often a bloody hard journey to find her, but when I do, I become her, she becomes me...

And then, we can do anything.

Angela (aka Mumushka)

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