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My name is Angela and I am the founder and principal therapist here at Awen. 

I established Awen after spending most of my adult life caring for other people,  as well as my own health battles.

After many years struggling to find time to look after myself, nursing loved ones, being a mother and working full time in a career that did not serve me I decided enough was enough.   I let go of what did not serve and nurtured what did. The result was Awen being born.   The most direct translation of the word Awen is poetic inspiration. This is what I am drawn to and this is what I offer my visitors to the Awen room.   I share with you all that has helped me personally throughout life, and as I evolve so does Awen. 

It is my aim to help you find ways to recover from the stresses of every day life, and find the delicate balance between what we must do and how we want to feel.    My offerings keep evolving, as I walk though life as an older wiser woman, I bring my learnings to the space.

I am passionate about holding space for women who are living with peri / post menopausal symptoms and have a keen personal interest in philosophy, psychology, energy exchange, mindfulness, health and fitness, all aspects of spirituality and self care. If I am not in the Awen room you might find me tending my garden, hiking along one of the many glorious trails in the Blue Mountains, or immersed in whatever creative pursuit I am currently working on at home. I love vegetarian food, a good cup of chai, and spending time gazing a cows. (I can not drive past cows without stopping)

My qualifications include:

  • Holistic Counselling

  • Personal Training

  • Meditation / Mindfulness Teacher

  • Women Circle Facilitation

  • Reiki

  • Crystal Healing

  • Remedial, Balinese, Hawaiian, Swedish, Hot Stone Massage Therapy

  • Beauty Therapy

  • Astrology

  • Chakra Balancing 

  • Holistic Therapies / Energetic Therapy

  • Business Studies

  • Yoga


All of my offerings in the Awen room are holistic, as I believe that you cannot treat a tense body and allow the mind to remain stressed and vice versa.  My counselling clients might find themselves on the massage table at the end of a session and my massage clients might find themselves letting go of emotional stress.  Such is the nature of the healing space that Awen is.   



Most of my clients have permanent bookings.   If you are a new client, I would love to hear from you.  Send me an email to discuss your needs. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you, treating you and working together with you, to help you achieve balance.

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