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My life over the past couple of months.


Here we are in the middle of 2023, and what a year it has been so far!

I love winter, my birthday is in June and I love the invitation to snuggle

in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. Which is exactly what I am

doing right now!

It has been a while since I have written a proper newsletter, mostly

because I have a very frustrating wrist injury, I am struggling to type.

But feeling extra motivated today, I remembered that I can convert my

extraordinarily messy handwriting to text using my Ipad so here I am in your inbox

The last little while as been lovely over all in my world. So lets jump in, here is what I have been up to!

Building community: With my small group of women via our Tuesday

I really look forward to. Each week I find myseld thinking forward to Tuesday

looking forward to connecting with my body while gently guiding others. It

has been particularly beautiful watching my class mates grow and work

through the challenge of letting go of expectations and moving with intention.

Reading: A fictional novel called

The Dof of the North, by Elizabeth Mckenzie.

to say this book is hectic does not do it justice. The main in charactor of the story moves

from crisis to crisis at a rate of knots. I chose the book as I tend to move toward serious learning books and I wanted some fiction to relax with before bed.

If you think your life is busy, spend a few days in the life of the charters

of this book! Exhausting! I feel it could make a very funny screenplay! My next read will be a little slower though!

Learning a new skill: Knitting apair of socks as a mindfulness exercise. I am got a knitter at all, so this is taking time and concentration . So much respect for my grandma and the amazing work she use to produce with her knitting needles!

I find learning a new skill is always a great way for me to achieve one pointed focus which

calms my mind. A shoutout here to Jenny from The House of Wool in Leura she is very helpful and kind!

Road tripping: We took our litte van at to Hill End for the weekend if you have not been for a while I recommend you go! The wildlife is abundant, and it was so still and quiet. We loved it!

Doctors appontments! So many help me with my wrist injury

It has been 9 weeks now and beyond frustrating! Although I am very grateful that

so far nothing sinister is going on and that patience is the cure!

Gratitude: this is a practice that has been keeping me going daily. I have had a busy time rescheduling my very patient beautiful clients on days where my wrist will not allow me to work. I have so many gorgeous, and incredibly understanding clients. I am grateful to each of you! ( Especially the ones who have made it this far down in my newsletter!)

Planning: I am holding a beginners astrology weekend retreat in July this is a huge focus for me right now. I'm so excited to share this work. I am loving the finer details

of menu planning, scheduling and creating a memorable nurturing space

for those who are coming along.

Listening: My counseling client list has grown, and I am blown away

so often by the self work my clients put in and the results they are experiencing. It has been very rewarding to hold space for fellow humans in this way. I as I do my work in the world. I love that I can sit and have a cup of tea and a chat while changes take place for a person.

Thats it from me for now, Im off to put a log on the fire, some massage towels in the

washing machine and plan a nice warm dinner for my wonderful Adam.

Kind Love



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